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Our welding tables

Through many trials and sweat-filled days, we found a way to manufacture a product unlike any other on the market at a low and affordable cost. Our modular welding tables offer you the creative ability other tables do not. Our modular welding tables offer you creative options that other tables do not.

Get To Know Your Project

The weight and size of your projects has everything to do with your table. Each table line has a different weight capacity depending on the series, size, and leg variant to ensure you the perfect fit.

Alpha 28: 3200 kg - 6000 kg

Alpha 5/8: 1200 kg - 4000 kg

MAX (Standard & Slotted): 1200 kg - 4000 kg

Understanding Your Needs

We understand the hardships of welding and how it can take a toll on your body. We offer stationary tables, mobile tables, rotating tables, and even tables that lift.

Determining Your Goals

What you get out of our tables is important to us. We make tables designed to get you where you need to go. Every tables is manufacturing with our patented, self-locating, reversible table top plates to ensure your table lasts.

Your Comfort Is Our Priority​

Our Tools Work Hard So You Don't Have To

Our line of hand tools is loved by many all over the globe. Our wide range of innovative tools delivers quality and comfort to welders and fabricators worldwide.

Clamps, Pliers, & Vises

These tools offer unmatched versatility, durability, and strength for fabrication or wood-working.

Grasshoppers & Grounding Clamps

The increased clamping pressure from these items improves arc stability and reduces power consumption.

Magnetic Squares

With an On/Off switch on our Adjust-O magnets, they yield a fast and convenient way to safely hold fixtures in place.

Shop Equipment & Organization

Our shop equipment makes for a more organized workspace to improve functionality and productivity in the workshop.

Do you have any queries?

Do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

Important Things You Should Know

Questions And Answers

No, you cannot purchase products directly from us. If you wish to purchase our products you must go through an authorized distributor. To find your local distributors please use the “Find Distributors” tab on our homepage.

Yes, if you want to see if we have any active promotions, you can use the “Tradeshows/News” tab on our main page.

All of our products have a 1 year warranty. If the product has been abused, misused, or modified it does not qualify for warranty.

Please contact our customer service team at or call us at +420 607 088 465.

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